Friday, February 17, 2012

The end of the first leg.. The Official DVD.. and More!

I'm sat at the airport in Frankfurt with Vicky. We have a 5 hour wait and then we fly home to England. The first leg of the tour has been really fantastic but I can't wait to be home!

Last night we played a gig at The Cotton Club in Kaiserslautern. It was a fantastic show... what a great venue; I hope I can come back with my own band! I was feeling a little bit down before the show; I was having a silly girly moment of looking in the mirror and wishing my nose wasn't so big (I have my dads nose), and my chin wasn't so round. I was wishing i'd achieved more with my life and also wishing that I could do more for my kids in Kenya. I know i'm not supposed to have favourites, but their are a select few kids in Kenya who I love so much I feel as if my heart might burst out of my chest just thinking about them. I wish I could give these kids the world, you know. If It was up to me, they would be living the life of princesses in a castle with chocolate flowing rivers and candy growing on trees; not a life of hardwork, hunger, sickness and struggle to survive. I just wish I could bring them home with me, but obviously that is not the answer; the solution is to make sure they live in a safe place with access to food and water and that they have a good education so they may grow up to escape poverty.

After the show, when I came over to our merchandise stalls to sell CD's, I noticed next to my collection box was a huge jar of money. Thomas Ruf (the head of our record label who came on the tour with us to sell our CD's each night) told me that a good looking, shy, young man had left it there for me for my charity. I begged Thomas to point out to me who had donated the money so that I could thank them and after I had finished signing Cd's, fortunately the kind man was still hanging around. Oh my goodness, he was so cute looking and intelligent and lovely. He had driven 100 miles to see us play and to give me that gift for my babies in Kenya. When i'd hugged him goodbye and went back stage, I opened the jar and I was overwhelmed by his generosity. I was so happy I cried. So, Thank you , thank you, thank you.. You made my day!

Since I last wrote this blog we have done a lot. We all got colds which was worrying, but on the night of our DVD recording in Worpswede we were near enough recovered and it was a very fun show. Making the DVD was great. Not only did they film the show but they did a lot of filming backstage and of us visiting a record store and doing an acoustic promo performance earlier in the day. There's a lot of casual interview bits and it really gives a behind the scenes insight into the 'girls with guitars' tour as well as capturing the performance. It should be a fun DVD to watch; it was certainly fun to make it!

Sam also played more awful pranks on us and she made me believe our lovely drummer Denis was responsible. At out gig in Karlsruhe, I was about to go on stage when I realised that there was a bananna skin covering my microphone on the stage in front of the audience. When I went to put on my guitar, someone had lengthened the strap so that it reached my ankles! I thought Denis had done it, and so i took the banana skin and placed it in between his high hat symbols. He didn't realise until three songs in to the set. I felt bad after the show when I realised I had taken revenge on the wrong person and that it was Sam Fish who had started the prank! It was funny, but I'm quite a boring person and prefer a quiet and smooth tour without practical jokes. Save the rock 'n' roll for on stage! lol


  1. Don't let the mirror distract you cause mirrors lie. God made you beautiful and the person you have become is amazing. We all have things we would like to change about our appearance. So, hold your head up when you look in the mirror, then smile, and you will see what I see. Bless you for the things that you do! Music wise and children wise. To bring such joy to so many people, you are gifted.

  2. Never trust a German mirror!
    I think John said some very right things in his comment.
    It must be so good to give joy to the people like you do.
    I do hope to be able to see you and your band or Girls with Guitars soon. I only have seen great stuff on the internet.
    Wishing you a nice home coming!