Friday, February 3, 2012

From Bonn to Soest!

Sorry I haven't written for a while. We've been too busy having fun :-)

Bonn was a great show. I raised lots of money for my children in Kenya, sold lots of CD's and had a great time with a wonderful audience. The day after the show in Bonn I got up early to make the most of the hotel gym, swimming pool and sauna and then we set off for one of my favourite German cities 'Stuttgart'.
I love Stuttgart. I've played there many times at two clubs: Laboritorium, and Merlin. We always have a great crowd and sell out the shows. A few years back I played a winter show in Stuttgart and the city streets were filled with Christmas Market stalls. It was magical.

We performed at Merlin and it was our best show so far in that everything really came together. We no longer had to remember how the songs go... that's all coming naturally now so we can really enjoy the music and the vibe and the audience. Like Bonn, the show was sold out and we had a big mixture of fans who come every year and new audience members too.

The next morning (Thursday 2nd Feb), Sam, Denis, Vicky and I got a tram from our hotel into the city for two hours of shopping. It was icey cold but we had a great time. I didn't buy much; Vitamins, Headache Tablets and a pretty blue flower clip for my hair. Vicky bought a cute skinny black dress and Sam bought a new curling iron to curl her hair for on stage. Poor Denis was very bored as we dragged him around womens clothes shops. He didn't buy anything.

The we were back in the van on route to last nights show in Lorch. The venue was called Musictheatre Rex. It was a nice big hall with a great sound system and lovely soundman. I had the best on stage sound of the tour last night. When I can hear everything crystal clear on stage it makes the show really enjoyable. Big thank you to our hardcore fans Analease, Thomas and Paul who showed up in the front row with their custom made Girls With Guitars Tshirts. We love you guys! Again, the show as sold out with a fantastic mix of our loyal fans and new audience memebers. We had so much fun last night. It felt like we had a real connection with the audience. Cd sales were great and that's exciting for me. I want every one to hear my new record!

After the show we were buzzing with adrenaline and acting really silly. Denis had had some Jack Daniels to drink and was on top form making us laugh. When he left the room Sam and Vicky filled each of the pockets of his bag with bananna skins. We were really giggely all the way back to the hotel wondering when we was going to look inside his bag; Slimey bananna skins everywhere. Sam was laughing so much that she fell over on the floor in the hotel lobby with all of her bags and guitar case and couldn't get back up. I don't speak french, but in the van on route back to the hotel after the show I managed to string some sentences together; "Je' Voudrais une bananne dans ma sack a doe" , and 'Une Bananne; Ce'st a' bon pour gross levre" (because at disney land, denis' lips had an allergic reaction and swelled up like balloons). At the time, Denis just though we were being crazy but when he opened his bag this morning he realised we had been making fun of him all evening. At breakfast this morning he declarded 'The war is on'... so now us girls will have to be careful as I'm sure he'll plot revennge of some sorts.

I stayed up late last night getting on top of my emails and then this morning went for a run with Denis for half an hour in the freezing cold. I felt like a frozen chicken defrosting when I had a hot shower afterwards. Today we have a short 3 hour drive to soest where we play a venue called 'Alter Schlachthof'. Hope to see some of you there!

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