Thursday, January 26, 2012

25th January 2012, More Girls With Guitars Tour Begins

So, at last, Samantha Fish and I are back on the road for the 'More Girls With Guitars' tour. As always we have with us our superstar French drummer Denis Patatin. We also have a new addition to the group 'Victoria Smith' on bass. I have known Vicky for many years. We met music collage/university where we both were studying for our Degree's and I lived with her for two years, but during all this time we were so busy with other projects we never got around to performing together. When we heard Cassie was leaving the group, I was keen to suggest Vicky... she's just great fun and an incredible talent.

We were all stressing a bit learning the songs for this year I think. Sam (Who has just recieved a Blues Award Nomination.. so go vote for her!) had been touring extensively in the USA and so didn't have much time on her hands for song learning, and I had been away in Kenya (as I do every year) working with the Moving Mountains charity to help give children who live in dire poverty the opportunity of a good education. I'll admit, when I did get home from Kenya this year, i wasn't very focused on songlearning. I felt really down. Even though we had achieved so much, building classrooms, delivering pens, pencils, paper, food, and descant recorders to thousands of children, I was left feeling heartbroken; I really love those children, and especially with the children I know extra well, like Nora Pamera and Ahadi (who my new album is dedicated to) I couldn't bare to leave them there. I just wished I could bring them home and give them the same love, protection and opportunities that I had growing up in England. These girls take on so much adult responsibility just to survive and that isn't fair; children should be allowed to enjoy being children.

Anyways, by the time we reached 'Lindewerre' in Germany for the first day of rehearsals and began playing through the set list, we soon were incredibly excited about the show. We have some great new songs lined up and I was really impressed by how great Sam, Vicky and Denis interpreted my album tracks and made them sound great live. I feel like we're really stepping things up this year with better songs, better guitar playing, and some great vocal songs. It's not just blues, its soul, funk and rock n roll. Most of the songs are original but we're also playing some Lenny Kravitz, James Gang, Lou Reed, Rolling Stones, and Patti Labelle.... That high note on Lady Marmalade is damn HIGH.... Like i said there are some big vocal songs this year which I Love!

So, yesterday was the very first show and it was great. We had a wonderful audience who clapped and danced and sang along and the songs were well recieved. It was a relief to get the first show done and now we know things will continue to get better and better each night as we develop and get more comfortable with the new material.

Today we had a day off. The girls and I went on a beautiful walk into the neighbouring town and stocked up on vitamins to make sure we stay healthy throughout the tour. I've been running every moring with Denis to keep fit too (or to get fit again after having got so unfit over christmas lol) Tomorrow we're off to France for two gigs. On Saturday we are playing in Disney Land; very exciting indeed lol, and my parents are driving over from England to see the show (and meet Micky Mouse) which will make the experience better still!

Anyways.. over and out.. thanks to everyone who came out and supported us in Lindewerre last night and thank you to all of you who donated last year towards my charity projects in Kenya (you made a lot of children very happy).

Oh, and Achim... Big thanks to you and your lovely lady for bringing us chocolates! We were in chocolate heaven after the show last night!

Sam, Denis, Vicky... I love you guys. This tour is gonna be fantastic! And Thomas (Ruf) and Sabine: Thank you for spoiling us, cooking deliscious food for us at your home and lending me warm woolen socks when my toes had turned to ice!

I do intend to keep this blog updated regularly, so please feel free to join and post comments etc.

Big Love,


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