Sunday, January 29, 2012

29/02/2012 Disney and France drama


Well, playing Billy Bob's at Euro Disney was certainly a different experience but it didn't exactly go to plan. It was stressfull. Poor Vicky was feeling really sick, shivering with a temperature in the van. When we arrived, they told us that the venue was not in the actual park and so we were not allowed entry to the theme park unless we paid full price, and with only a few hours to spare between soundcheck and our performance it just wasn't worth doing. My parents met us at soundcheck which was great. I hadn't seen my mum since Christmas.

At soundcheck they insisted we used in ear monitors, which Sam and I had always wanted to try out. It did make the vocal sound crisp and lovely but it also meant that they unplugged the speakers from our amplifiers so that the guitar sound would only come though the front of house PA system and our in-ears. Unfortunately, during the show that evening, they forgot to turn my guitar on in front of house, and I played a whole song with a big guitar solo that no one could hear apart from me in my headset! Also, during the show, because the in ear monitors were not moulded to the shape of our ears, both mine and Sam's fell out onto the floor meaning that we couldn't hear anything but Denis' very loud dumming to sing and play along too. I guess playing with in ear monitors takes some adjusting too. Many great artists, like Ruf's own Ainsley Lister swear by them but I like to have my guitar amp nice and loud behind me so that everything feels big, beefy and live... so that you can hear the room and feel the vibe. It's odd rocking out to a compressed mix of what you're playing and I found that difficult.

Despite this though we did have fun. The audience were huge and wonderful and all up for a party. Sam and I wore Minnie Mouse ears. Actually I looked like Minnie Mouse from head to toe with my little red and black dress to match the mouse ears and red bow upon my head. Vicky, despite feeling ill played a great show. After the show I stayed and danced for a while at the club before heading to bed... Thanks to Berry for taking care of me; I had fun!

The next morning we had to be up bright and early to leave but then Vicky sent me a text saying that we had another hour at the hotel because our drummer Denis had been rushed to hospital. Poor Denis had an allergic reaction and his face, lips and throat had swelled up so much that he couldn't talk, hear or breath properly. We were really worried about him and relieved when a few hours later he was back at the disney hotel and was feeling much better. He did look hilarious though. You know when women have collegen implants in there lips and too much botox; he looked like that... like plastic surgery gone wrong hahahaha. Every time Sam, Vicky and I turned to look at him, even though we felt awful for him we couldn't help but laugh. I used the extra hour to go to the hotel gym and then we left for a 7 hour drive to the next venue.

Vicky was feeling a lot better today as well which was a relief. It's not fun feeling sick and being on the road. We drove to a great venue in france called Le Bacardi. The show was really fun and the venue took great care of us with a three course meal after the show. I think the songs are sounding better and better each night.
I'm really enjoying France but also I am very excited about our up and coming dates in Germany. It's nice going back to venues i've played before where the fans and promoters know us well and we can't wait for them to hear how far we've developed and how great the new show is sounding.

Northsea, France tomorrow! Up at 6am and leave by 7am...


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