Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday 28th Jan, 2012 Girls with guitars tour diary

Saturday 28th Jan, 2012

Sat in the tour van on route in France so I thought i'd update you all on our tour fun!
Yesterday we left Thomas Ruf's hometown of Lindewerre Germany, and drove to Metz in France to perform at Le bar a crepes. It was snowing, and everywhere looked beautiful but it was bitterly cold. Thomas Ruf treated us three girls to new hats... big knitted bobble hats, all matching but each in a different colour. I got the blue one.. It's lovely.. and warm.. thank you Thomas.

The drive was long but we put on the new Oli Brown record 'Here I am'. It's not released yet but we were aloud a sneaky listen and it is fantastic. I am a big Oli Brown fan. I love his voice... sexy as anything, especially on the new record. The title track on my new record 'Juice me up' was written about Oli Brown. It's really about being a fan/wannabe groupie and going to an Oli Brown show and just being smitten with him, watching him on stage and dreaming that all those passionate songs he's singing are about me. I'd like to make a point of saying that none of Oli's songs are about me and that he has a beautiful girlfriend who i'm sure he loves dearly who most likely inspired all of those saucy lyrics... But we can dream can't we? I'm pretty sure all the women in Oli's audience feel that way. In 'Juice me up' I sing "I always know when your bands in town. I'll be there in the front row getting down. When it's time to go home I'll be at back stage doors. You know if you want me baby, I’m yours, I’m yours, I’m yours!" Oli is a good friend of mine and really it's a silly song I wrote it to make him laugh. I'm pleased with it though. I'm not sure if he's heard it yet!

So, the time flew by in the van and soon enough we were sound checking and then having dinner at the 'crepe' venue. Yes, we played a pancake house! The show was good. I felt a lot more relaxed and confident with the material than I did on our opening night. The audience seemed to have a great time and insisted on two encores. One of my extra special fans 'Jimmy' came to the show from Luxembourg and it was lovely to see him. Jimmy has been coming to my shows for years and is now more like family than a fan, so it was great to see him. It was also exciting to be signing and selling my new album at the show. It will be on iTunes and amazon very soon so you can all get a copy!

It's now the day after, and we're back in the van on route to Euro Disney, Paris! We have a gig in the middle of Disneyland and my parents are going to be there. Its Sam Fish's birthday tomorrow and so what better way to celebrate than in the company of Mickey Mouse!

So far this tour has been great fun! And no drama; apart from Vicky broke her bass guitar from rocking out so hard. She was jumping around so much on the first gig that the metal bit you attach the bass guitar strap to pulled right out of the guitar. She's bodged it back together for now but I know she's worried about it so we need to find time to get it fixed; then she'll be safe to jump around and rock her socks off again without doing it further damage.

Okay... I'm off cause we're nearly at Disney!

Dani x

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