Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Yesterday we woke up early and it was icy cold and snowing outside. It was Sam's birthday and I felt bad that it wouldn't be very exciting for her. I had bought her some Minnie Mouse ears in Disneyland for her present but she had nothing to open on the day. We were stuck in the van for a ten hour drive across France.

The show at MAI music college in Northsea was great. We had an audience of enthusiastic music students and we only had to perform for 1 hour in the early evening which was relaxing after our journey. After Sam had performed her big guitar song 'Runaway' someone in the crowd shouted out 'Hapy Birthday' and I got the audience to sing Happy Birthday to her. After the show, Sam, Vicky and I were taken out to dinner by the staff at the college. We went to a lovely italian restaurant and had such a fun time. Jean Paul, one of the staff/Denis' friend was teaching us some incredibly rude and funny french phrases for us to say to Denis in the van the following day. We were in hysterics of laughter in the restaurant, the food was lovely, and at the end of the meal, the waiters came out with a cake and candle singing happy birthday to Sam.

After the meal, we walked in the snow back to our hotel. I spent the evening watching the BBC news on Egypt, Syria, and Afganistan which was incredibly depressing. Make Love Not War. That surely would solve all the worlds problems. That and RESPECT. Why can't we all just respect eachother and solve our problems without violence. Anyways, whilst watching the news I did some sit-ups, push-ups, running on the spot (I usually run outside with Denis for 6 Km in the mornings but it has been too icy) and then some karate kicks, blocks and punches to keep fit. We have been spending way to much time in the van and not enough time being active and that drives me crazy. And yes watch out... I know some karate ;-)

My guitarist and co-band leader Stuart Dixon emailed me this morning having confirmed us to play Burnley Blues Festival in the UK in May. That's exciting. I love Burnley and haven't played it since 2008. Big thank you to Stuie for booking it for me. Since Stu came on board working with me we have made big changes to the band, pulling in the best musicians, booking some awesome gigs, and making sure the set sounds better than ever in regards to songs and tightness and playing the new material. Stu is an awesome guitarist who has played with so many of my idols including Geno Washington and Stax artist Eddie Floyd (Knock on wood). I am so so lucky to be working with him... and did I mention he's not bad looking either!

Currently we are sat in the van, again, on route to Bonn Germany to play the Bonn Harmonie Club. I love this club. It is one of my favourites. My favourite lighting man Knut will be there to do lighting for our special show tonight. Tonight's show is special because it's all being recorded for a promotional DVD. Hope to see some of you there!

Love Dani x

Ps... Just found out that the video has been cancelled, which is a real shame but we'll still play the best show we can!

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